Today, we're excited to be introducing a brand new platform that's been in development for some time - Ambio Marketplace.

At its core, Ambio Marketplace is an online platform where businesses can purchase affordable and easily accessible copywriting, graphic design, photography, and videography services.

Why Did We Create Ambio Marketplace?

Ambio Marketplace is a subsidiary of Ambio Media, our social media and internet marketing agency.

Ambio Media's core services are predominantly for brands looking for an alternative to an in-house marketing team, i.e. companies that want to partner with a dedicated agency to manage a large portion of their marketing campaigns.

We also have quite a strict criteria for the kind of work we take on, which means we frequently turn down projects that aren't a good fit.

We know our core services aren't for everyone, and that's okay.

However, in the long-term, we want to be focusing on marketing solutions that are affordable, accessible, inclusive, and simple.

Ambio Marketplace is the first of several solutions we have in the pipeline that meet the above standards. All of which we intend to release throughout 2021/2022.

Who Can Use Ambio Marketplace?

While any company (regardless of size or industry) can utilise Ambio Marketplace to outsource aspects of their content creation, we built the platform with the small business owner in mind.

Most small business owners are frequently running low on two things:

  1. Time - the kind of time required to craft compelling marketing campaigns.
  2. Marketing Resources - most marketing agencies aren't easily accessible, and an internal marketing team can be tough to justify.

Ambio Marketplace is actively tackling both of these problems.

Firstly, the customer has to commit very little time to their order beyond submitting a brief.

Secondly, the services are affordable, accessible, and free from contracts.

This makes Ambio Marketplace an easy choice for small business owners seeking a reliable content creation solution with no strings attached.

As stated above, any company can utilise Ambio Marketplace regardless of size or industry - but to be honest, we built this platform for small businesses.

What can you buy on Ambio Marketplace?

We can break our services down into four categories:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Videography

If we take our copywriting services as an example, you can purchase:

  • Articles - Starting at £60
  • Website Copy - Starting at £30
  • Email Newsletters - Starting at £30
  • Product Descriptions - Starting at £30
  • Press Releases - Starting at £36
  • Ebooks - Starting at £480

Where applicable, we will optimise content for SEO. For example, if you purchase an article for your blog, you will be able to suggest keywords you want to target in the brief.

Each category follows a similar format.

How do you place an order on Ambio Marketplace?

Placing an order on Ambio Marketplace is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a free account or purchase a subscription
  2. Select the desired service
  3. Submit a brief
  4. Checkout

Yes, it's that simple - you could place an order on Ambio Marketplace in less than 15 minutes; that's a promise.

Why should you purchase a subscription?

Our paid subscriptions are a good option if you are placing orders frequently, but you also get:

  • Lower prices
  • More revisions per order
  • The ability to place bulk orders
  • Express Delivery

We will continue adding more value to our subscription packages as we introduce more services.

Click here to learn more about our subscription packages.

What is the long-term goal for Ambio Marketplace?

We built Ambio Marketplace for small businesses in need of a reliable content creation solution. For that reason, the long-term goal will always be to improve our platform so we can help as many companies as possible.

The introduction of the platform is the first step to crafting a set of marketing solutions that are affordable, accessible, inclusive and simple.

Click the link below to check out the platform!