How To Create A Facebook Lead Ad: Step-By-Step Guide

Every business wants to utilise more effective ways of generating leads, right? In today's post, we show you how to use Facebook leads ads - arguably a more useful lead generation method.

Aidan Brotherhood
May 24, 2021
Facebook Lead Ads


If you're a business owner, you know that you need to have a predictable way of generating leads at all times.

Whether you're relying on word of mouth or already running advertising campaigns, taking advantage of Facebook lead ads is a great way to improve your results and generate more leads for your brand!

This post will show you how to create a lead ad and provide you with all the relevant information you need to optimise your campaigns for performance. After all, advertising on Facebook is worthless if it isn't generating you the results you need.

I'll also show you how to connect your lead ads with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool) or email marketing provider. Doing so allows you to fully automate the process of collecting a lead, storing them in the right place, and contacting them.

If you still need help after reading this article, I encourage you to contact us, or you can reach out to me personally at!

What is a Facebook Lead Ad?

A Facebook lead d is a type of advertising campaign you can create on the Facebook business manager. The campaign is native to Facebook, which means that it collects the lead's information on the platform itself - you don't send users to your website, which you would typically do.

The contact information of leads get stored on Facebook, but you can also send it to 3rd party applications, such as your CRM), using Zapier. We show you how to do this in the 'How To Create A Facebook Lead Ad (Step-by-Step Guide).'

Below is a picture of what a Facebook lead ad looks like to potential customers:

Why Should You Use Facebook Lead Ads?

You should consider using Facebook lead ads if you want an alternative to sending users to a landing page.

When analysing your marketing funnel, sometimes you might be looking for ways to reduce the number of steps people have to take when interacting with your marketing campaigns.

Lead ads allow you to collect contact information about a potential customer at the top of the funnel (TOF). Doing this isn't possible on other marketing channels, making it ideal as a lead generation solution.

How To Create A Facebook Lead Ad (Step-by-Step Guide)

Follow the easy steps below to create your lead ad:

1. Go to your business manager at

2. Click the business tools hamburger at the top left of the screen

3. Click ads manager

4. Click the green 'Create' button at the top left of the screen

5. Click the 'Lead Generation' campaign objective in the consideration column

6. Click the dropdown to name your campaign, ad set, and ad

7. Turn on campaign budget optimisation (CBO) to ensure you make the most of your budget

8. In the CBO section, select your daily or lifetime budget

9. Hit the blue button 'Next' at the bottom right of the screen to move on to the ad set

10. On the ad set level, leave 'instant forms' selected

11. Check to make sure the correct Facebook Page is selected

12. Select the schedule for your ad set

13. Create a new audience, or select a saved audience for your ad set

14. Keep 'automatic placements' selected

15. Leave 'optimisation and delivery' as is

16. Once you're satisfied, click 'Next' at the bottom right hand side of the screen

17. On the 'ad' section, make sure your Facebook and Instagram page are correct

18. Select 'single image or video' or 'Carousel' depending on your media type

19. Using your graphics/videos and copy, fill in the fields for how your ad will look to users

20. Once you're happy with the creative, move down to the 'Question format' section and leave 'instant form' selected

21. Under the 'Instant form' section, click 'Create Form'

22. On the pop-up, fill in all the fields to the best of your ability

23. Once the form is complete, hit 'Publish'

24. Make sure everything is in order, and when ready, hit 'Publish' to launch your campaign

Once you've done all that, your campaign will go in to review for 1 - 24 hours. How long it takes is entirely dependent on how Facebook is feeling!

However, you'll have plenty of time to get your lead ads hooked up to your CRM and email marketing provider.

You don't have to utilise the steps below if you don't want anything to happen after someone fills in their information - Facebook will store all your leads anyway! So, don't worry.

How To Connect Your Facebook Lead Ad With Your CRM

After following the steps above, it's time to connect your form to your CRM. I recommend you do this using Zapier, a service that allows you to connect applications. People use it most for automating tasks like what we're doing now.

It's super easy and will take you 15 minutes tops.

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Go to and sign in or create an account if you don't have one

2. Click the black 'Make a Zap' button

3. Name your Zap

4. Search for 'Facebook Lead Ads'

5. Under 'Trigger Event', click 'New Lead'

6. Under the 'Choose Account' section, click the 'connect a new account button'

7. Follow the prompts and connect your Facebook account

8. Once complete, click the 'Continue' button

9. Under the 'Set up Trigger' section, select your Facebook page and Lead Ads form

10. Once you've done that, hit the 'continue' button

11. Click the 'Test Trigger' button

12. Once you're satisfied, click the 'Continue' button

If you've followed the steps above, you're halfway there. All you have to do now is connect your CRM.

The information you need to add will vary depending on what CRM you're using. However, the good news is that your steps will be almost identical to what you had to do to connect your Facebook Lead Ads.

Below are the steps if you're using HubSpot as your CRM.

1. Search apps for the HubSpot application

2. Under 'Action event' click 'Create Contact'

3. Under 'Choose account', hit the dropdown and click the 'connect a new account' button

4. In the 'Set up action' section, match your Lead Ads fields with the HubSpot's (Refer to the video above if you get stuck with this)

5. Once you've done that, test your action

6. If you get a green tick, you've done it!

Facebook lead ads and HubSpot will now be connected!

How To Connect Facebook Lead Ads To Your Email Marketing Provider

Great! Now your CRM is connected to Facebook lead ads, but there is one last thing we need to do before we can turn on the zap, connect your email marketing provider.

In the example below, we're using MailChimp (follow these steps in the same Zap you've already been working on).

1. In the current zap, hit the '+' sign at the bottom of the page

2. Select MailChimp

3. Under 'Choose app & event', click 'Add/Update Subscriber'

4. Click the 'Continue' button

5. Under the 'Choose Account' section, connect your MailChimp account

6. Under 'Set up action', select the audience you want your contact to be added to

7. Match 'Subscriber email' with the email address provide in the lead ads form

8. Choose whether you want them to double opt-in or now (If you're in the EU, you should do this)

9. Update existing you be marked 'Yes'

10. Add groups if you feel they are relevant

11. Add a tag to mark that your lead came from this campaign

12. Test your event and finish your Zap!

Once you've done all that, your Zap is good to go!

The last thing you'll have to do is add an email automation inside MailChimp that is specific to the tag you assigned to any leads you generate.


Facebook lead Ads help boost your brand exposure and collect leads at the top of your funnel. I highly advise split testing them against your current advertising campaigns to see what works best.

Feel free to get in touch with us or contact me directly if you need help creating a campaign like this - we would be more than happy to help.

See you in the next one!

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